Patterns, Warnings, Nothing, 2016

single-channel video, 12 minutes

dimensions variable

Single channel video that explores the Battle of Los Angeles.

On February 24th 1942, radar operators detected something in the night sky off the coast of Los Angeles triggering a blackout, a curfew, the arrest of men of Japanese descent, and the release of thousands of rounds of anti-aircraft shells over the city.

Hired performers re-stage location specific vignettes from the 1942 newspaper clippings. WWII re-enactor-hobbyists march through parks and play Sony's 2011 Battle: LA video game.

As the work progresses, the different sources become porous. Air banners are digitally inserted in Los Angeles skylines, performers hired to re-stage detainment appear on the couch in a re-enactor-hobbyist's home. This evolving porousness points to overarching questions about the ethics of treating traumas as sites for fantasy and play.